Simple, accessible, affordable & empathetic insurance that creates a positive impact for society – This is what our clients and the society at large are expecting out of insurance companies.

And this is what we are determined to create at MUA – A sustainable insurer who lives up to the essence of insurance: Social Solidarity.

Bertrand Casteres ,
Group CEO, MUA

At the heart of our vision & mission is the notion of SHARED VALUE – an approach that pushes us everyday to contribute meaningfully and significantly to creating value for ALL, be it:

  • The communities we operate in
  • Our clients who rely on us for their financial protection
  • Our employees who form part of our family
  • Our shareholders who look for long-term success

We strongly believe that our success and profitability work in tandem with the advancement of society. As society progresses and grows, so too will our growth opportunities.

Our Strategic Plan for 2021 – 2023 is aptly called Transition 2023 and is symbolic of the phase MUA is a transition period, given the high level of global uncertainty and the shift towards embedding sustainability values at the core of our business model.

This critical phase is also in line with our strategic evolution since 2014 and is testimony of our ambitions of establishing MUA as a strong regional player:

  • 2014 – 2017

    Focus on transforming our General & Life businesses in Mauritius into highly efficient models with a strong base for further business growth & digital transformation

  • 2018 – 2020

    Focus on creating a strong regional group identity & staff culture, on developing the business significantly in East Africa and on major transformation projects for the Mauritian General & Life businesses.

  • 2021 – 2023

    TRANSITION 2023 PLAN focusing on establishing MUA as a strong & sustainable regional insurance player.

  • 22.8% market share for MUA (2nd largest player in terms of gross written premiums & leading player in terms of net earned premiums & operating profits)
  • 14 players in 2019 with the top 2 players controlling over 50% of the market
  • Difficult year for the country forecasted for 2021 with an increasingly tense political landscape, a high rate of unemployment and economic hardships following the covid-19 impacts
  • Combined market share of 2.5% (MUA Kenya & Saham Kenya) in a highly competitive market with 38 players in all and with none of the players controlling more than 10% of the market
  • A wave of M&A activity is expected given the capital increase requirements for insurance companies
  • Fair political landscape which might get tense as we approach the 2022 elections
  • Economic recovery of around 4.7% projected in 2021
  • PTAL, MUA’s local subsidiary has a 5% market share and is the 5th largest player in the market with 26 GI companies in 2018 (latest data available).
  • 3.6% projected real GDP growth in 2021
  • MUA Uganda has a 3.2% market share and is the 8th largest player for the General Insurance market out of 21 companies.
  • The projected real GDP recovery in 2021 is at 4.9%.
  • However, the combined effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the locust invasions and the heightened uncertainty around the Feb 2021 elections could hinder a rapid economic recovery.
  • MUA Rwanda is the 4th largest player on the market (out of 10) with a 15% market share in the General Insurance segment (excluding the medical insurance business). 
  • The political and economic landscape in the country is very stable with a projected GDP growth of 6.9% in 2021 aided by investment in major growth sectors (mainly services and industry) and improvements in the business environment.

Our strategic plan is based on a circular model with our clients at the heart of our strategic model.

We endeavour to have a company-wide culture where each one of us in the company think of the impact on the customer experience before taking a decision.

The model is circular as we strongly believe that we need to have a motivated and engaged workforce to be able to have efficient & effective insurance operations that will create a positive experience for our clients while making sure we make a meaningful contribution to the Community.



Our role as a sustainable insurer:FOcus on prevention, Protection & investment


  • Strongly promoting safe driving
  • Encouraging clients to lead healthier lifestyle
  • Helping individuals & companies better prepare for the economic risks they face


  • Provide adequate & affordable covers that meet customer needs
  • Tangible short term benefits


  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
Day per employee to participate in MUA foundation activities
Giving back to the community by focusing on 3 main Sustainable Development Goals
social purpose