TRAVEL Insurance

This policy is taken by a traveller anywhere in the world and provides 24 hour cover for

  • medical expenses and assistance ,
  • travel delay or flight cancellation,
  • hospital allowance,
  • personal accident,
  • loss of passport,
  • total loss of baggage that has been checked in by international airline,
  • loss of money,
  • personal civil liability and
  • hijacking.

Provides cover against loss of or damage to the insured’s golfing equipment due to

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft/housebreaking

Also provides hole-in-one cover. In addition to this, provides cover against liabilities arising out of third party injury/death

Car Insurance

his insurance provides cover to a private motor car which is used solely for: Social, domestic and pleasure purposes and for own business and profession.

Personal Accident

This Policy covers bodily injury caused by violent, accidental external and visible means subject to the limits specified in the Policy.

Health Insurance

The MUA Tulizo Bora Health insurance product is designed for individuals and families looking for quality health insurance coverage.